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Legal terms and conditions for accessing the website

Colorobbia España SA, CV-160, Km 16’3, 12192 VILAFAMÉS (Castellón -Spain), with Tax ID number A-46557039, informs users who access this website or make use of the services, applications, tools and contents in general that are included in it of the conditions of use that are applicable to when accessing and browsing the site.
The access, use and browsing of this website are allowed only if the following requirements and conditions are accepted; therefore, the website must not be used or visited if said conditions are not accepted. For all legal intents and purposes it will be considered that use of the website implies acceptance of the conditions of use. Colorobbia reserves the right to amend these conditions at any time.
1-.The user undertakes to make use of the services and contents of this website in accordance with the applicable legal regulations of Spain and the country where he/she is located and to act in good faith. Any use of the website that involves or might involve any form of violation of the privacy, honour, self-image, secrecy of communication, intellectual property, personal data, etc. of third parties is forbidden. This website itself constitutes intellectual property, whereby any unauthorised alteration, amendment, removal, addition, etc. thereof is considered an offence.
In particular it is prohibited to insert, publish or display contents that attack morality and public order, namely (but not limited to) contents that are illegal, obscene, racist, pornographic, defamatory, etc., and also to introduce viruses or computer programs that propagate or may cause damage or alterations to users’ terminals or programs or to the website itself, or the use of the website for sending mass electronic mailings. Colorobbia assumes no liability for improper, malicious or wrongful use of this website or its services.
This website and all the information that it contains, whatever the format or support or the programming language in which it is inserted, including for example names, texts, images, photographs, reproductions, logos and registered trademarks, are the property of COLOROBBIA and are therefore protected by intellectual property and data protection laws. All the products, images, reproductions, logos, registered trademarks and patents are the exclusive property of COLOROBBIA. No other individual or legal entity is authorised or entitled to make use of said property for the purposes of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, transfer, etc., whether or not this is for valuable consideration.
The content of this website may not be interpreted as granting authorisation or permission to use Colorobbia’s products, designs, distinctive signs or logos. COLOROBBIA will take the necessary legal remedies against those who infringe its rights.
2-. This website may include inaccurate specifications or typographic errors, which will be corrected by COLOROBBIA as soon as possible. The information contained in the website may be incorrect, as it will only be reviewed periodically. Colorobbia assumes no liability for any direct or indirect damages caused to customers or users by errors on the website. The colour tones, particle size, milling, general appearance and make-up of certain products may vary considerably, so Colorobbia accepts no liability for orders placed on the basis of the information provided on the website. The characteristics, specificities and other technical information displayed on the website with regard to each product are not binding, and users must therefore refer to the Technical Data Sheet of each product for this purpose.
Colorobbia provides no guarantee over the use of the website or that the remote access servers are free from computer viruses and other harmful elements.
3.- These conditions of use of Colorobbia España SA’s website, www.colorobbia.es are governed by Spanish legislation. For the settlement of any disputes deriving from the use of the website or the interpretation of these conditions of use, the user or browser undertakes to submit to the Courts of Castellón de la Plana (Spain).

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