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Monday, 13 July 2020 Enviar correo a Colorobbia


Colorobbia España has always paid particular attention to research, individuation and the implementation of innovative technical proposals in the development of new products.

According to its respective reference market, Colorobbia is always one of the leading operators in the supply of semi-finished products and technology for the ceramics industry.

To achieve the highest level of competitiveness and maximum customer satisfaction the company has benefited from continuous improvement in research and the development of the Applied Research area, which is the driving force behind Colorobbia España.

As a whole our research activities are carried out on different levels with different but absolutely complementary and synergic structures, purposes and organisations.

arrow_blu Research for customer support.
Working to personalise products according to each customer’s requirements.

arrow_blu Applied research.
Developing and experimenting with new materials to provide aesthetic or technical solutions.

arrow_blu Advanced research.
A specialist research team not only creates new products, but also investigates the scientific mechanisms involved in their formation.

Main Products

  • Frita
  • Pigmento
  • Esmaltes
  • Productos Especiales
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