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With a worldwide technical and sales network, Colorobbia España, S.A. is able to observe and become familiar with the aesthetic needs of different international markets, thus allowing it to develop more competitive products.

The staff of Colorobbia España, S.A.‘s Design department are highly qualified in different image-processing technologies (RGB, CMYK, Multi Channel, High Resolution), as well as the latest technological tools:

arrow_blu Inkjet plotters.
arrow_blu High-definition scanners.
arrow_blu Laser readers and high-definition milling machines that are capable of preparing large format micro-relief designs.
arrow_blu High-performance desktop and laptop computers.

Thanks to all this we are able offer our customers an advanced personalised service that is adapted to the different application technologies: inkjet, gravure cylinders, dry application, etc.

The work of our design department is even more important in the case of injket technology, as it is thanks to meticulous image processing and an optimum selection and combination of the stains to be used that it is possible to improve the following aspects:

arrow_blu Achieve a wide range of colours, making the product under development look very realistic and giving it added value.
arrow_blu Ensure adequate use of each of the stains in order to prevent possible deficiencies during the production process.

The design department’s work developing new products in new shades, in collaboration with the corresponding development department, leads to the continual development of new stains to cover all these needs.

Main Products

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