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Colorobbia España has national and international technical support laboratories.
At these laboratories we develop and fine-tune new products that are designed to meet the immediate and long-term requirements of each of our customers, providing them with comprehensive advice regarding materials, production processes and the development of new designs.
Internationally this support is enhanced by the presence of a network of branches that provide an immediate, on-site response to all requirements.
As an important part of the service we offer, a team of specialist designers and technical experts are continually developing new models that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each market.
Colorobbia‘s presence worldwide means that we know the particular demands of each country and each geographical area.
Our Marketing department is able to suggest a full range of designs to our customers to meet their needs. We also work in perfect coordination with our technical support laboratory in Fiorano Modenese to gain a first-hand insight into the latest trends in Italy, the birthplace of international design and ceramic technology.

Main Products

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  • Pigmento
  • Esmaltes
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