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Analysis > Applications

There are applications relating to many aspects, including:

Quality: Chemical analyses for raw materials and finished products to ensure adequate control of their characteristics.

Environment: Evaluation of environmental control parameters, such as the CO2 content of certain raw materials because of the Kyoto Protocol.

Service: Analyses performed as part of the support we offer to our end customers, one example of which is our well-known tile defect studies.

Occupational Health and Safety: Hygiene analyses of contamination levels to ensure that action can be taken quickly if necessary.

R&D: Analyses for the development of new products such as the testing of nanomaterials using techniques like Scanning Electron Microscopy.

  • Equipment
  • equipamiento All the equipment in the Analysis Laboratory is designed for classifying inorganic products, which covers the large majority of the materials
  • Testing
  • equipamiento The tests for which the available analytical equipment is used derive from the need to provide a service for all the areas of Colorobbia España
  • Applications
  • equipamiento There are applications relating to many aspects: Quality, Environment, Service, Occupational Health and Safety, R&D

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