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Thursday, 09 July 2020 Enviar correo a Colorobbia
Vidrio huecoContainer GlassПОЛОЕ СТЕКЛОVerre creuxVidro ocoزجاج الأوانيVidrio huecoContainer GlassПОЛОЕ СТЕКЛОVerre creuxVidro ocoزجاج الأواني

Our products have been approved by the world’s most important global brands and they are successfully used throughout every continent.

The glass department provides enamels for decorating bottles, glasses, cosmetics and other types of container glass which can be provided in powder, paste or thermoplastic formats.

All the enamels are lead-free with varying characteristics to meet the needs of each use.


Main Products

  • Frita
  • Pigmento
  • Esmaltes
  • Productos Especiales
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