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Saturday, 25 January 2020 Enviar correo a Colorobbia

Our stains are metal oxides with complex inorganic structures that are produced by means of a controlled calcination process. They take the form of micronised powders with a small particle size, which ensures their easy dispersion and high colouring strength. They are also characterised by their high stability and resistance to high temperatures.

Colorobbia España’s different series of stains cover all possible applications in the ceramics sector and have been specifically designed to achieve the best colour performance in each application.

We have a full range of colour shades that range from our readily available, highly competitive generic series to our entirely personalised products that are tailored to suit our customers’ requirements in terms of colour and application.

The following series are presented by application:

Series 4: Sanitary ware stains
Series 5: Ceramic stains
Series 6: Porcelain stains
Series 7: Dry colouring porcelain stains

Products of Stains

Main Products

  • Frita
  • Pigmento
  • Esmaltes
  • Productos Especiales
  • New! YOOslider