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Friday, 10 July 2020 Enviar correo a Colorobbia
SerigrafiaScreen printing basesСериграфияSérigraphieSerigrafiaعناصر الطباعة الحريريةSerigrafiaScreen printing basesСериграфияSérigraphieSerigrafiaعناصر الطباعة الحريرية

These are milled products that have been developed in line with the evolution of decorative ceramic techniques, both in flat and rotary screen printing and with silicone rollers.

The grain size and rheology have been accurately calibrated to achieve optimum results when applied.
They are neutral or coloured bases that can have different characteristics, screens and textures according to the technical and aesthetic needs of each application.

Our lustre screen printing bases deserve a particular mention because of their popularity due to current design trends.

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