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Colorobbia Digital Space
Colorobbia Digital Space

Colorobbia Digital Space represents the best possible synergy among technology, materials and design.

The range comprises 3 series of products:

  • C-Inks: pigmented inks for digital decoration, which have now been firmly established on the market for many years.
  • C-Shine: inks which allow to obtain special effects.
  • C-Glaze: which includes white and mat inks, for digital applications.

The C-Inks series comprises 7 different colours: Cyan, Brown, Beige, Black, Pink, Yellow and Green.

With the different configurations suggested by our technicians, this range of colours allows the customer to obtain a Lab colour space suitable for all ceramic needs.

The introduction of green into the machine’s configuration characterizes the offer from Colorobbia and makes it unique. This makes it possible to expand the colour space to include tones that would otherwise not be achievable through superimposition of the colours normally used on the machine.

The C-Shine range of inks, using an innovative technique developed by Colorobbia, allows to obtain colours, textures and surfaces with distinctive and unique optical interference effects, e.g. multicolour, metallic and iridescent ones, offering at the same time several technical and application advantages.

The potentially infinite combination of conventional glazes and inks with C-Shine inks produces a great variety of tones and multicolour effects that significantly broadens the colour gamut and gives ceramists the opportunity to give a personal touch to the product, which therefore becomes unique. The inks of C-Shine series may be used with digital decoration machines currently available on the market. The technique and the products of the C-Shine series are in patent pending process.

The C-Glaze series comprises:

  • A mat ink which, in contrast with a glossy component, gives the ceramic surface incredibly original effects
  • A white ink which gives the right brightness to dark supports and allows to obtain exclusive decorations on coloured backgrounds

These two inks are compatible with C-Inks and C-Shine series and they are used with digital decoration machines currently available on the market.

The inks od Colorobbia Digital Space Space present different advantages, such as:

  • Official homologation by the main manufacturers of ceramics print-heads and digital printers, guaranteeing the product’s quality and the optimization of the performance during the production
  • Maximum width and intensity of the colour gamut
  • Possibility of customization of the product
  • Higher adaptability, which makes the inks suitable to all kind of production methods
  • Considerable stability over time
  • Constant rheological properties, which lead to an excellent performance of the inks from the very moment they are loaded into the machine, and either when the machine is at work or in standby
  • Compliance with environment and line operators safety policies
  • Lack of danger labels for hazardous materials manipulation and transportation.

Furthermore, the C-Glaze, C-Shine y C-Inks series have been developed using the same solvent, which makes them perfectly compatible one with another.

The collaboration with leading manufacturers of print-heads and ceramic digital decoration machinery, allows Colorobbia to develop materials and solutions that perfectly suit the existing state of the art of digital technology, and to constantly offer innovative and advanced products.

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