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Colorobbia España, S.A. was founded in 1988 and in just 20 years it has become firmly established as one of the world’s largest production plants of frits, stains and other products for the ceramics and glass industry.
Thanks to our use of the best raw materials, strict quality controls and state-of-the-art production process we are able to offer the best value products on the market.
Our role consists not only of supplying ceramic glazes; we also offer design and a highly professional and dynamic technical support service to ensure our customers’ success.
The Gruppo Colorobbia, with its headquarters in Sovigliana Vinci (Florence), Italy, has been a leading figure in the development of the global ceramics industry since 1921.
The Gruppo Colorobbia‘s success is based on technology, service and innovation and the creation, development and maintenance of relations between customers and the companies within the Group.
Thanks to the constant modernisation of our equipment and our facilities in several different locations, which makes us better able us to respond to today’s demands, we have managed to streamline our production and the vertical integration process that was put in place some time ago and now covers everything from raw materials to advanced ceramics.
We manufacture and sell products for the Spanish and international ceramics market.
Today Colorobbia España, S.A. is directly involved in several production units worldwide.
This mission has important implications for the organisational model of the operating partnerships, their business culture, the conduct of their employees and all dimensions of their communications.

Main Products

  • Frita
  • Pigmento
  • Esmaltes
  • Productos Especiales
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