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Ever since it started out over twenty years ago, Colorobbia España, S.A. has kept to the same course of action with regard to environmental issues, i.e. minimising its impact on the environment and protecting nature.

This social responsibility is reflected in the company’s respect for its natural surroundings, based on sustainable economic and ecological development.

Since the beginning of 2005, Colorobbia España has had Integrated Environmental Authorisation, being the first company in the Valencia Region to achieve this. We therefore comply with the different European, national, regional and sector-specific environmental regulations.

This environmental awareness can be seen in our constant search for and application of the best technology available for manufacturing our products, optimising processes and always integrating into our philosophy the principles of sustainability in our use of natural resources:

arrow_blu Reuse of industrial wastewater. Industrial wastewater is treated and reused in the production process.

arrow_blu This internal waste processing allows us to reuse raw materials, thus extending the materials’ life cycle. We have also established an analytical control scheme for waste, emissions and waste classification.

arrow_blu Reduction of atmospheric emissions: installation of continuous treatment systems.

arrow_blu Energy recovery: Colorobbia España has a regeneration plant where the residual heat produced by its activities is transformed into electrical power and cold.
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